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Breathing Otter

Breathing Otter

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[Please note, Cozyplushe™ Breathing Otter is only sold at "" and is not currently available in physical stores]

Your New Cuddle Companion!

The Cozyplushe™ Breathing Otter is designed to provide a calming heartbeat to help you fall into a peaceful slumber.

Our breathing otter allows you to customize a calming experience for your child by choosing from a variety of music and sound options such as white noise, womb-like sounds, snoring, or heartbeat sounds. You can also adjust the volume and turn on or off the gentle light and breathing motion at your discretion.

This cozy otter, designed with a soothing heartbeat, provides a sense of security and relaxation for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Its warm embrace can bridge generational gaps and become a comforting companion in daily routines for the entire family.

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